Customers always interested in saving money off electric bills.

Benefits that Matter:

Hassle Free, No Maintenance or Recurring cost and Transferable.

Return on Investment 15-20 months with savings beyond.

5 Year Unconditional Replacement Warranty.

​Go Green- reduce carbon footprint

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The HVAC SMART CHIP PLUS  has DUAL MICROPROCESSOR TECHNOLOGY.  First , replace standard time delay relays with microprocessor technology that extends the fan blower intelligently, sustains internal temperature longer and reduces system cycle time producing real savings to Customers.  The second microprocessor has Compressor Saving Technology which allows for a 5 minute reprieve for every 30 minutes of system cycle time.  The end result is additional Customers savings including reducing wear and tear on the system.

The HVAC Smart Chip PLUS is a whole lot SMARTER!



HVAC Business Owners and Technicians are successfully installing The HVAC Smart Chip PLUS all across North America.

An affordable solution to help protect Customers from rising utility cost while extending the life of the equipment.  No seasonality impact - a product to be offered all year round.


Technology proven by PG&E and Southern California Edison to save Customers 15%-20% off the utility bill.

The Compressor Saving Technology enhancement drives additional savings.

Combined with ECM and Variable Speed technology proven to drive higher savings.