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St Louis, MO

Customer has HVAC Smart Chip PLUS installed for 7 months producing 27% electrical bill savings

L&H Dynamic Business Solutions

LHDBS Is the exclusive National Distributor of the HVAC Smart Chip Plus microprocessor in North America. The company has over 50 years of combined professional business experience, specializing in HVAC consulting.  LHDBS  is working with Independent Business Owners, HVAC Contractor Associations, and National HVAC Brands in North America to deliver The HVAC Smart Chip PLUS product and program.

A Simple Story...

Every once in a while a product comes along that can change the direction of an industry.  The HVAC industry is no different. There have been many innovations in the HVAC industry, but most consumers aren't aware of these advancements.  The HVAC Smart Chip Plus microprocessor is another industry advancement.  Its amazing, a product that can fit in the palm of a hand can make a significant Consumer and Industry impact.  A simple, smart  innovation using microprocessor technology to upgrade current controls allows Customers an affordable system enhancement that's proven to reduce their electrical bill.   Best of all, it comes at a time where utility rates on the rise and Customers are looking for a solution.  SMART!

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